Not all of us identify as, or refer to ourselves, as creatives, but the reality is that we are all creators, progressing through life in various stages of our process—some of us more reluctantly or with more awareness than others. We move through time manifesting ideas and situations, whether there is intention behind them or not.  

My goal is to support clients on their journey by helping them relax, ground, find awareness, move toward balance, and unblock their creative flow in order to manifest and birth ideas from a place of active intention. Every healing session is unique and tailored to the needs of each client by blending modalities of sound, stones, and aromatherapy to compliment Reiki and Cranial Relaxation.



energy healing session : reiki + cranial relaxation

This treatment focuses on balancing the energy centers in your body by clearing blockages and redistributing any unharmonious energy. The intention is to support grounding and security in the root chakra, motivation and enthusiasm in the sacral area, self-confidence and personal power in the solar-plexus, healing in the heart, finding truth in the throat chakra, vision and clarity in the brow, along with purpose and insight in the crown chakra. The gentle flow, balance and relaxation creates a space for you to let go of emotional energetic blockages and move forward as an intentional creator in your art, business, relationships, athletics, or however creativity unfurls. This gentle healing session is deeply relaxing. It begins with cranial relaxation. Then stones are laid on chakras, and various essential oils are diffused while you relax to the hypnotic sound of binaural beats, tuning forks, music, or sound bowls.

—exchange :: $75 for 60 minutes—


new moon energy session:

New Moon sessions are only offered during the three day new moon window. New Moon, or dark moon, treatments occur at the beginning of the lunar cycle and aid in clarifying intentions, inspiration, cutting cords and starting fresh. Reiki, Cranial Relaxation, stones and essential oils will be used to aid in relaxation alongside seeding intention.

—exchange :: $75 for 60 minutes—


full moon energy session:

The full moon marks the ending of the lunar cycle and is all about recognizing, assessing and having gratitude for what we have manifested during the cycle. It’s also about releasing and letting go of expectations, energies, and sometimes relationships that no longer serve you. This treatment will support your connection to the moon during the three day full moon window, and are only offered during that time. Reiki, Cranial Relaxation, stones and essential oils will be used to aid in relaxation and support healing.

—exchange :: $75 for 60 minutes—