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-Licensed Massage Therapist

-Reiki Master Level Practitioner

-Certified Consulting Hypnotist

-Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and Essential Oil Specialist

-Trained in Cranial Relaxation Technique

-Educator (Master of Arts, Teaching, Instructional and Curriculum Leadership)

-Writer and Editor (Bachelor of Arts, English)

madrid balcony

madrid balcony

you fell in love that day

with spanish

night and with

blurred figures behind windows

and sheer curtains

drinking aged tempranillo and

making love.

but of all faces searching for

affirmation, you found mine on a

unlit balcony, eyes


listening to the collective

hum of voices, selling flags

and eating bocadilla in

the plaza.

you stayed with me,

the door you came out

from still open, quietly suckling the drapes

back inside the apartment,

until there was no more

light, and the darkness tucked to

sleep the wine-drunk neighbors and

quieted all confessions of

cathedral ghosts.

—rachel baila



east eyes

east eyes