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-Licensed Massage Therapist

-Reiki Master Level Practitioner

-Certified Consulting Hypnotist

-Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and Essential Oil Specialist

-Trained in Cranial Relaxation Technique

-Educator (Master of Arts, Teaching, Instructional and Curriculum Leadership)

-Writer and Editor (Bachelor of Arts, English)

asher and the papa tree

asher and the papa tree

we sat on cold stone steps

shadows painted in the dimness,

making ghosts dance in the yard.

i held your smallish hand

and we spoke silence

pale stars burying themselves under cobalt blankets as

night cooled.

the lemon light of fireflies emerging,

playing tag under the hammock and in the


luring playmates in the darkness.

we named the tree that night. the huge shadowy

trunk and its outstretched arms

pulling in the

sky above us.

gracious. protective. wise.

like my papa you said.

and so it is.

—rachel baila

east eyes

east eyes