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a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious way


If told my story, I would say that my life has changed drastically over the past four decades, beginning as a child on the south shore of Boston, and now as a mother of three in the Southeast, but in truth, not much has really changed.  It has simply evolved.  I spent my childhood writing stories, poetry, collecting crystals, gathering stones, feathers and any other object I believed held magic.  I created potions under the shade of an elephantine maple using her sap, dirt near her roots, sticks, flowers and leaves.  Spending time in nature was sacred, and I turned to the woods, the water, and moon for inspiration.  

With my spiritual upbringing—a pastor father who believes more in love, kindness, and compassion than legalism, and a lovely jewish mother whose lineage includes tarot readers and Kabbalah knowledge—the gravity of higher power, tradition, ceremony, and ritual carried weight and shaped my interest in spirituality and intuition. While my dad remains a knowledge-seeker and avid traveler, who stirred in me constant inquisitiveness and the need for adventure and motion, my mother was a painter, crafter, and gardener, filling my youth with beads, color, flower names, and the need to use my hands to create. 

As I evolved into my teen years and young adulthood, my love of writing and reading other people’s stories outweighed my interest in anything else and led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in english literature. The desire to help other people appreciate written and spoken word prompted a master’s degree in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership and eventually my certification as a reading specialist. In my mid-twenties I began having children of my own and decided to stay with them as much as possible, while continuing to nurture my own writing and also editing other people’s on the side.

My adult years fortunately have been sprinkled with travel, a widened community of friends and an exposure to many different healing modalities.  When my youngest started school full-time, and the opportunity to go back to school myself arose, I went for a massage license with the intent of learning how the body works and helping clients reach a deep state of trance and relaxation. Working in the field opened doors to study other modalities such as energy, vibrational, and trance work through hypnosis, sound healing, essential oils, crystals, herbs, flowers and intuitive work. I am fascinated with our bodies’ innate desire and capacity to heal itself and how many of these fields overlap and work on the mysterious limbic system in our brain. Our desire to rewire thought patterns, transmute negativity to positive transformative experiences and to acquaint ourselves to the beauty of the outside world while relaxing our minds is what ties my seemingly disjointed interests together into meaningful work.  

My life feels like its own alchemic process, taking bits and pieces of experiences and fusing them together to create something that is dynamic, never mundane, and always mysterious. I feel blessed that now as a woman, my world is constructed of the grown-up elements I held dearly as a child: writing stories and poems, creating essential oil blends, using crystals and plants in healing sessions, crafting jewelry for intentional living and meditation and providing healing services that deliver both physical and emotional benefits.